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Oct 24, Eugene rated it liked it Shelves: A very enjoyable entry in this series. Especially liked the character of old Wilf Finny, overseer at the town dump - a real one of a kind from another era! Interesting episode in this series. Plenty of twists for a short book. Progress made in Mitchell and Markby'so relationship too. Apr 23, Carmen rated it did not like it. I'm giving the extra half star only because I was able to read the entire book.

Where was the editor? Excellent This book was good from start to finish. I would recommend it to all crime fiction readers. Everything is resolved at the end. Jul 31, Christine rated it liked it. Enjoyable light mystery May 28, Simon Mcleish rated it really liked it Shelves: owned. Originally published on my blog here in November It starts when Meredith Mitchell is rung up by an old friend.

Ursula has just ended a disastrous affair with a colleague. Dan is still saying that he loves her, and now his wife has disappeared and Dan is obviously lying about her whereabouts, making Ursula worry that he has murdered her. The two of them work for a Trust which is funding a dig near Bamf Originally published on my blog here in November The two of them work for a Trust which is funding a dig near Bamford, where the stories of this series are set.

They hope to find the grave of an early Saxon chieftain. As the dig has recently been surrounded by an encampment of New Age travellers, the Trust wants someone to sleep on site, and Meredith volunteers to keep Ursula company in a caravan there. Then the body of Dan's wife is found on a rubbish tip near the site. A dig is a good setting for a crime novel; they are often isolated camps on farmland, offering plenty of opportunity for tensions to rise in small groups of people. Though it is apparently now the case that the majority of UK archaeology consists of 'rescue' digs, to discover as much about a site as possible before developers move in and destroy the evidence: hardly isolated.

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The puzzle is good, the characters are good. The New Age travellers are the biggest problem. Granger tries not to stereotype them, but their very presence in the story is something of a stereotypical device, using common fears of the middle class reader - and I suspect that most crime fiction readers would consider themselves middle class - to distract them from the real solution to the crime.

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They include stereotypical figures, such as the upper class girl most concerned to keep her activities unknown to her family. I think we are still yet to see a sympathetic and accurate portrayal of these people in a novel. Nov 24, Nancy Oakes rated it liked it Shelves: crime-fiction-uk. I did something here I don't normally do, and that is to start a British mystery series out of order.

Not only is it out of order, it's 5 and I haven't even read 1. You can read this as a stand alone if you take that tack.

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I'm not anti-romantic in real life; far from it. I just don't like it in mystery novels I did something here I don't normally do, and that is to start a British mystery series out of order. I just don't like it in mystery novels. Call me weird if you must -- I just like getting down to the mystery.

Anyway, having said this, Where Old Bones Lie is set at an archaeological dig sponsored by a local trust that supports a small museum in Bamford. The dig leader is positive he's close to finding a Saxon warrior chief named Wulfric. One of the members of the excavation is one Ursula Gretton, a friend of Meredith Mitchell, who is one of the two key crime solvers in this novel. Ursula, it seems, calls Meredith because she has been trying to end an affair with a married man Dan who will not take no for an answer.

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On going to visit with him, Ursula notices Dan's wife purse on his sofa, although Dan has told her that his wife Natalie has disappeared. Ursula calls Meredith with fears that Dan may have offed his wife. This sets into motion a series of events that lead Meredith and Inspector Alan Markby down a path of lies, danger and murder, in a story that has a nice twist at the end. I liked it; the characters are a bit plastic but the basic story was okay. There are enough suspects to keep you guessing until the end. A fine little British murder mystery; I'd recommend to those who like that genre, and those who are interested in mysteries in an archaeological setting.

Overall, not bad; I will definitely get back to the other novels in the series. Jul 08, Pat rated it really liked it. This book in the Mitchell and Markby series is quite early in the series. You can begin to see some of the threads that will carry throughout the series - of course, including the relationship between Mitchell and Markby. There are many interesting characters in this one and the victim does not show up as a victim until quite a bit into the book. There are red herrings, but the villain seems pretty clear pretty early on.

Very lurid family background in here as well. Aug 24, Alannah Davis rated it really liked it.

I haven't read the first 4 books in the series, but this stands alone nicely. This British mystery set at an archaeological dig, is nicely stocked with eccentric characters and neat twists. The romance between Meredith and Marksby is a bit blah, and it seems to be forgotten at the end that one of the characters had confessed to a crime -- but those are my only criticisms. This was a very satisfying read. Dec 03, Kim rated it really liked it. I enjoyed this book very much, but there is a glaring error. Brian confesses to killing Finny.

At the end of the book, when discussing him, Meredith and Alan seem to have forgotten this - they talk about how he'll be walking out of his house every day seeing the folly where Natalie was killed. Won't he be in prison for a very long time?

Where Old Bones Lie by Ann Granger

Feb 03, Carmen rated it it was amazing Shelves: mystery-and-thrillers. This is without a doubt my favorite ann granger mystery. There are so many plot twists! Who killed Natalie, and why was she rolled up in a carpet and dumped in the dump? The story includes new age travelers, archaeologists searching for a Saxon king, adultery, old incest and new jealousies.

It is a delight to read. Feb 11, Christine Cody rated it really liked it. This series gets better with each book.


One of the things I love about it is that, as we get to know the characters, Meredith and Markby get to know each other better in each book. Granger always does thorough research for her books.

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It's amazing how many murders occur in such a small village in England but I'm certainly glad they do! Feb 02, Sue rated it it was ok. I think the author must have grown tired of this book by the end, as she seems to have forgotten to arrest a murderer who actually confessed. I have liked the series to this point, but both Mitchell and Markby are seeming a bit one dimensional in this book. Clipper Audio edition read by Judith Boyd.

Where Old Bones Lie (Mitchell & Markby 5)

All characters grumpy or out of sorts. Not compelling enough to read another. Apr 21, Lori added it. British, slow-moving but compelling mystery. The fifth in the Mitchell and Markby series and the best one so far. Neat mystery with all loose ends tied up satisfactorily. I have read this one before and but it was as great, even though I remembered some of the details :. Jun 25, JenniferB rated it really liked it.

Includes archeological dig. Ending not great. Jul 08, Debbie rated it really liked it. I liked this book as a continuation in the series. I had started out with the previous books, so the story line made sense to me. Length: mm. Width: mm.

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