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Overview Ragged and exhausted from fighting in the Crusades, Hubert, a knight's squire, and his fellow crusaders board a ship bound for England. But the return home is neither quick nor easy. Hubert must use his sword against ships full of attacking infidels, and he is nearly slain at the hand of a vengeful knight. A shipwreck strands them in Rome, where the beautiful and brave Lady Galena nearly tempts him to stay.

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Instead, loyalty to his master prevails and they finally reach their beloved land-only to find that one of their group faces execution when he steps ashore. If Hubert is to save his friend's life, he must first save his own.

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Product Details About the Author. Michael Cadnum lives in Albany, California.

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    Sherlock and Enola must solve a triple mystery: What has happened to their mother? And to Crossed Matched Trilogy Series 2. Perfect for fans Chasing down an uncertain future, Cassia makes her way to the Outer Provinces in pursuit Sam Dibble can wiggle his ears, win burp contests, ride his bike with no hands, Sam Dibble can wiggle his ears, win burp contests, ride his bike with no hands, and eat live worms without throwing up. A bandit chieftain called Obduro, his identity always hidden behind an iron cavalry helmet, is robbing and killing with impunity.

    His sword - sharper, stronger and more deadly than any known to the Roman army - is the lethal symbol of his unstoppable power.

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    And now he has moved beyond mere theft and threatens to destabilize the whole northern frontier of the empire. Skriv anmeldelse. Betal med gavekort her. This is fast-paced and gripping "read-through-the-night" fiction, with marvellous characters and occasional moments of dark humour. Some authors are better historians than they are storytellers. Anthony Riches is brilliant at both. A damn fine read.

    The Leopard Sword: Empire IV

    Stands head and shoulders above a crowded field. Anthony Riches brings alive the harsh reality of the Roman world - the period, people, and culture - in a frenetic and exciting novel which is well researched and tinged with humour.

    The battle scenes are vivid and expertly told.