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Harnage made three pickups, packing 20 people onto each flight. To make room for them all, he rode outside the bird, standing on the skid while gripping a machine gun.

April 30, 1975: Saigon has fallen

The station chief had ordered him to concentrate on the VIPs, but Harnage decided to board on a first-come, first-serve basis. When a burly Korean diplomat tried to elbow other evacuees aside to make it onto the chopper, Harnage punched the man, leaving him bloody and chastened.

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He was allowed on a later flight. Harnage refused to let anyone board with more than one small bag, tossing everything else over the side of the building — including what was likely millions of dollars of hoarded gold. Van Es grew up in the Netherlands and decided to become a war photographer after seeing Frank Capra pictures.

(Ambassador’s wife) Mrs. Martin landed on USS Denver in Air America helo.

The shot that went around the world showed Harnage, dressed in a white shirt and clutching a cigar between his teeth, reaching down the stairs to grab Thiet-Tan Nguyen, a young doctor who would ultimately become an anesthesiologist in California. Next is Tong Huyhn, another doctor who would eventually settle near Atlanta.

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The slender teenage girl is Tuyet-Dong Bui, who would go on to earn a degree in microbiology before becoming a biotech researcher. Just below her is her brother, who had traded his motorbike to the driver of a high-ranking military official in exchange for being shown to the building. The photo marked the last trip Harnage was able to make to the location, leaving dozens of people behind, watching the skies for a helicopter that would never appear. Flights continued elsewhere through the night.

Saigon Has Fallen

In the end, the airlift extracted some 1, Americans and 5, Vietnamese from Saigon in less than 24 hours. Harnage returned to America and became a real estate salesman. He died in He continued covering conflicts, and died in Read Next. Trump demands New York Times apologize for Russia probe co This story has been shared 31, times.

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This story has been shared 15, times. This story has been shared 14, times. Helicopter pilot O.

Harnage reaches out to help Vietnamese evacuees escape Saigon on April 29, Bettmann Archive. View author archive email the author follow on twitter Get author RSS feed. Name required.

April 30, | Saigon Falls - The New York Times

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And, perhaps most surprising of all, the photo is not about defeat. Writing candidly and vividly about his risks and triumphs, Arnett also shares his fears and fights in reporting against the backdrop of war.

Vietnam War Documentary - SAIGON HAS FALLEN

Arnett places readers at the historic pivot-points of Vietnam: covering Marine landings, mountaintop battles, Saigon's decline and fall, and the safe evacuation of a planeload of 57 infants in the midst of chaos. Peter Arnett's sweeping view and his frank, descriptive, and dramatic writing brings the Vietnam War to life in a uniquely insightful way for this year's 40th anniversary of the Fall of Saigon.

Arnett won the Pulitzer Prize in for his Vietnam coverage. As Saigon fell, Arnett was one of three AP reporters remaining in the bureau.