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Carlo : He also taught you about jungle warfare, guerilla fighting; how to kill people, correct? Ramirez : Yes, he did. How to use a knife, where to shoot someone.

How to be invisible at night… the whole enchilada. Ramirez : Wear all black, even shoes and socks, with a black hat with the brim pulled down to cover your face so the light can reflect off it. Ramirez : No. My Dad did. But my cousin told me where to hit someone for the maximum effect. Ramirez : Across the throat.

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That is you drive the point into the side of the neck then pull it across the throat. That cuts both the windpipe and the arteries, always lethal. The book is strong in the sense that it deals with a lot of details.

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All very strange. The strangest of all is Ramirez, though; he killed seemingly indiscriminately to please Satan. As he did, he acted savagely. Afterwards, he behaved differently. In jail, he turned nice and courteous mostly. Today he thrives on writing with people and selling drawings with satanic motifs on them, having married one of his suitors and biggest defenders.

The book made me cry and feel completely sick at times, as the first part describes his crimes and deeds in large. The Night Stalker by Philip Carlo My rating: 4 of 5 stars This was a fascinating book, mostly because the author has described everything as it happened, which I deem to be a very hard thing to do considering a the subject and b how much research he has put into this. Ten or eleven? Carlo : What kind of effect did this all have on you, you think? Carlo : He shot her in front of you, Richard? Ramirez : Yes, me and my two cousins, his two kids, boys three and six.

Carlo : How close? Ramirez : A few feet away. Ramirez : Yes.

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Carlo : How do you know? Ramirez : He told me all about it and I saw Polaroid photos he had. Carlo : Please tell us about that, Richard. Carlo : Did? Carlo : Did he rape them too? Carlo : He told you this? Carlo : You know how many he raped and killed?

Carlo : What kind.. Ramirez : Heavy. I used to think about them, I mean all that. Carlo : Sexually, Richard? Ramirez : Fuck yeah, of course, sexually. It was all about sex. Carlo : They were a turn on? The photographs? Ramirez : Yes, very much so. She had aimed for her costume to be tantalizing to her boyfriend, but she didn't count on just how much cleavage it showed and how much her legs, though in tights, were exposed. She adjusted the headpiece, blushing lightly, before heading over to his door and knocking. Checking his reflection in the mirror Drexod smiled.

Even if Diana did not like it, which was highly unlikely, it would turn a few heads. Hearing the knock, Drexod sauntered over to see who it was and a smile split across his face. Mord blushed deeply as he was pulled into a random kiss. He looked down at the small hunter that had kissed him, wondering how she was even able to get up high enough to plant her lips on his.

Drexod lay prone in the snow of the Cosmodrome waiting for his next target. Shank crews had been getting sparse recently, perhaps it was due to the cold, or perhaps it was due to him. A smile grew across the mans face as he saw the familiar armour of Diana trudging across the open snow.


Packing some snow into a ball he tossed it at the woman, watching it disintegrate against her helmet. Laying prone again he hoped he had not been spotted, though he was wearing swamp camoflague in the snow. In the distance, he sees a pre-golden age compound. The message reads as such,. Diana has been given my final will and testament, should I die in combat.

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