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What is your location? Who are you? What is there prior to the mind? And from this universal Consciousness, promised Maharaj, the Divine Grace of our infinite nature would accomplish the final, full awakening unto Absolute Awareness, which is always Prior to Consciousness. Awareness is the silent stillness, Consciousness the vibrational, dynamic cosmic dream-play. Though, for balance, we also note the many egalitarian sayings from Maharaj—e.

We both are the Self. Do not imagine any separation. To put it mildly, such dramatic outer behaviors in the interpersonal setting go well beyond the usual kind of professional protocol considered suitable for trained helping-professionals with their clients. Third , what also makes Maharaj inimitable for most therapists, et al. His was the radiance of purely spontaneous giving and sharing. He gives himself tirelessly and completely to whomever comes to him. Whatever he has, he shares.

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Who or What are we, really? Your Reality is far more glorious and unlimited than what you have been led to believe by society and the workings of the mind. You are the Openness-Fullness beyond distinctive beingness or nihilist no-beingness. And, most paradoxically and miraculously, this utter Transcendence is also complete Immanence as the play of supra-personal Universal Consciousness and all personal consciousnesses or beings. And it is virtually identical to what Buddhist sage Nagarjuna, c.

The listener need only alertly relax, recede back and let go or surrender into this True Identity. For we are always only This Self. To know the source is to be the source… the Inexhaustible Possibility. It is not the words that matter, but the power behind them. He often stated that one should just stay for a few to several days then go deeply imbibe what was heard. Obviously this is far more profound than the body-mind model assumed by the well-known cognitive psychotherapists in the West, Albert Ellis and Aaron Beck, not to mention most other forms of humanistic psychology, even many forms of transpersonal psychology, and certainly the traditional schools of depth psychology and behavioral psychology.

You are the no-thing-like Absolute Awareness spontaneously playing as the universal play of Consciousness, in which rise all personal consciousnesses with their individual sensations, memories, thoughts, relationships, etc. Identity remains, but identity is not a person, it is inherent in the reality itself. Q: Whatever I may be in reality, yet I feel myself to be a small and separate person, one amongst many.

Maharaj: Your being a person is due to the illusion of space and time; you imagine yourself to be at a certain point occupying a certain volume; your personality is due to your self-identification with the body. Your thoughts and feelings exist in succession, they have their span in time and make you imagine yourself, because of memory, as having duration.

In reality time and space exist in you; you do not exist in them. M: As long as you think yourself to be a person, He too is a person. When you are all, you see Him as all. Myriad passages in the recorded Maharaj dialogues show him putting the mind in its place as basically an extremely conditioned process—heavily conditioned socially, psychobiologically and karmically—just as the body is a heavily conditioned product of biological evolution and events of this lifetime.

Truly, YOU as nondual Self are not the mind, YOU are always prior to the mind, so don't think of YourSelf as the mind and feel constrained to working with the mind from within its own logic and limitations. It is important to understand these three levels of identity, because many people seem to have been confused when Maharaj switches his discourse from one level to another, especially from the second level to the third level or back to the second level.

Some call it super-consciousness, or pure consciousness, or supreme consciousness.

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It is pure Awareness free from the subject-object nexus…. Consciousness is intermittent, full of gaps [e. Yet there is the continuity of identity. What is this sense of identity due to, if not to something [the Absolute Reality or Awareness] beyond consciousness?

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But I, the Absolute, am not that. In the briefer way he would sometimes discuss the two-step dis-identification model, Maharaj advocates detaching from and witnessing all inner or outer mind-body phenomena on the level of personal consciousness and then, having surrendered all selfishness, one spontaneously is re-identified as everyone and everything in the manifest play of Consciousness.

But though this Nirguna Brahman or Parabrahman is prior to and beyond all space-time, worlds, beings, relationships and dualistic knowing, this utter Transcendence is paradoxically fully Inclusive or Immanent as whatever happens in the experiential play of phenomena and the witnessing of this consciousness-play.

In the first [disidentification], you become the manifest [universal] consciousness; in the second or last [disidentification], you surrender the consciousness also. At the end of the process you are the Parabrahman. Only I, the Absolute, remains. Stay put there only; nothing happens to I, the Absolute. And consciousness, 'I-am-ness,' represents manifestation in its totality, because it is not confined or conditioned by the body as an 'individual. Obviously these schemas can be seen as sourced in ancient and medieval Advaita texts which Nisargadatta had also studied in addition to the words of his Guru.

Understanding these three levels of identity and two versions of the basic two-fold dis-identification schema from Nisargadatta of what happens in authentically liberating spirituality provides a context for everything else he is sharing. His spoken phrases de-hypnotize listeners out of their ignorance, torpor, angst and fear.

You may say you have two bodies; the personal and the universal. The personal comes and goes, the universal is always with you. The entire creation is your universal body. You are so blinded by what is personal, that you do not see the universal. I occupy little space and last but a few moments; I cannot even conceive myself to be eternal and all-pervading. As you dive deep into yourself in search of your true nature, you will discover that only your body is small and only your memory is short; while the vast ocean of life is yours.

One excludes the other.

The sense of identity pervades the universal. Search and you shall discover the Universal Person, who is yourself and infinitely more.

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Anyhow, begin by realizing that the world is in you, not you in the world. I am only a part of the world. How can the whole world be contained in the part, except by reflection, mirror like? Your personal body is a part in which the whole is wonderfully reflected. But you have also a universal body. You cannot even say that you do not know it, because you see and experience it all the time. There also science is your only guide.

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Both anatomy and astronomy describe you. All the universe will be your concern; every living thing you will love and help most tenderly and wisely. There will be no clash of interests between you and others. All exploitation will cease absolutely. Your every action will be beneficial, every movement will be a blessing. In other words, either you become totally self-concerned, or totally un-self-concerned. You must be extreme to reach the Supreme. This is not difficult. A little of attentiveness, of close observation of oneself, and you will see that no event is outside your consciousness. This does not prevent you from claiming your body to be your own.

It is pure awareness free from the subject-object nexus. What is this sense of identity due to, if not to something beyond consciousness? Do understand that you are destined for enlightenment. Allow it to fulfill itself.

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Questioner: I have come to be with you, rather than to listen. Little can be said in words, much more can be conveyed in silence. It is this firm, thorough conviction, says Maharaj along with all of Advaita tradition, that genuinely liberates from the dream-shackles of limited identity. On this topic of sacred speech and the power of words, just by way of quick experiment, consider the psycho-spiritual effect in your consciousness when I utter the following different messages. Your personal consciousness and sense of identity are based on physical brain function, and one day your body and brain will of course die, to be buried or cremated, and upon death you will no longer exist in any way.

But now consider what happens in your deepest reality when Nisargadatta essentially says to you: You are not merely the body, the mind, the personal consciousness nor any limited identity including the cosmically creative Consciousness. You are the Absolute Reality, Open Awareness, Infinite Being—utterly free, pure, single, whole, complete, at peace and at bliss, the Supreme Source of all Divine qualities and virtues and capacities. You are the birthless, deathless Reality in Whom everything appears and which allows all appearing-disappearing worlds, relationships and persons to seem experientially real like in dramatic dreams, and without You nothing arises or moves.

I give here the gist of several thousand such statements by Nisargadatta. The awakening process that Nisargadatta invites in his listeners is no different than what he himself underwent in the event and aftermath of meeting his Guru, Sri Siddharameshvar. It can be an effective form of self-inquiry to listen to the following autobiographical notes as if you are Maharaj coming off his encounter with Siddharameshvar and see what happens:.