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The book presents a detailed description of the different classes of photonic crystal and photonic bandgap fibres, and it broadens out a spectrum of novel applications and new fibre types. This book is not only a very good review but also a comprehensive handbook of the field of PCFs.

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Helically twisted photonic crystal fibres

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FAQ Policy. About this book Photonic Crystal Fibres describes the fundamental properties of the optical waveguides known under the terms of photonic crystal fibres, microstructured fibres, or holey fibres.

Photonic Crystal Fibers

Show all. The mesh of the structure and the parameters of the design are given below. Good results can also be obtained with the FDM Solver - the two methods are fully independent, which offers you an easy way to check your results.

Photonic crystal fibre with the superimposed mesh of the FEM Solver; the mesh only needs to describe a quarter of the cross-section thanks to the symmetries. The mode profile for the fundamental TM-like mode is given below, showing the confinement of the mode to the centre of the PCF. The FEM Solver provides you with extensive information regarding your modes, which includes the effective index, effective core area and dispersion.

Light-Matter Interactions in Photonic Crystal Fibres, Philip Russel

Intensity and Ey-field profiles near the core for the fundamental TM-like mode at nm. Mode data for the fundamental TM-like mode, including propagation constant and effective index, effective core area, polarisation, group index and dispersion. You can see how the bend modes of this photonic crystal fibre were calculated with the FEM Solver here.

Contour plot of the Ex-field profiles for the fundamental TE-like mode at nm with no curvature left and a radius of curvature of um right.