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"the angelic conversation" by Derek Jarman

The revival is important for those Millennials who may not know what it means for a gay filmmaker to be both a radical and a classicist. But now, years later, it gains an autobiographical significance. Despite the convention to put Jarman in the anti-Thatcher pigeonhole with sundry punks, these arty images represent what Jarman thought and felt, feared and desired, at a crucial moment in human history—but most of all for himself. For gay artists, the s was a period when social ideas were challenged alongside the ferment of artists who needed to understand and claim their feelings.

Two features illustrate this best.

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His pared-down post-modern imagery recreated famous tableaux as an art feat—both a reconstruction and deconstruction that conveys the spirited combination of skill, lust, and ambition. Impudence Jarman no doubt learned from his mentor, the ingenious biopic rogue director Ken Russell. Learn the benefits. Derek Jarman, , 77 mins, PG.

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  • With beautiful symbolic visual language, director and writer Derek Jarman has created an experimental film that follows the story is about the love between two gay men portrayed by Paul Reynolds and Philip Williamson , seen against a backdrop of bleak industrial cityscapes or abstract landscapes. The Angelic Conversation is an evocative and radical visualisation of Shakespeare's love poems. View all events.

    The Angelic Conversation - rehearsal 1/2

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