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Save for Later. About this Item Octavo. Author of the classic "Chaotic Vibrations" in , Moon presents an application-minded approach to chaotic dynamics and fractal analysis for a wide array of sciences, including biology. Many illustrations, with a suite of color plates. Subject and Names indexes. Bound in black cloth lettered and ruled in gilt, spine gilr, fine in fine dust jacket. Smillie and G. Bedford and J. Polynomial diffeomorphisms of C2 : currents, equilibrium measure and hyperbolicity - Dynamical properties of plane polynomial automorphisms - and and J.

Milnor Ergodic Theory Dyn. Carleson and T. Complex Dynamics Verlag Fornaess and N. Siu, Edit. Branner and P. Kluwer Academic.

Chaotic and Fractal Dynamics. An Intro for Applied Scientists and Engineers

Iteration of Rational Functions Verlag Rational iteration, complex analytic dynamical systems Dolotin and A. Mandelbrot set Web sites. Any search engine will find several Web sites devoted to the Mandelbrot set. Search under fractal, Julia, and Mandelbrot. Two such sites are listed below Universality and Renormalization. Universality in Chaos, Second Edition, Adam Collet and J. Thesis Greene, R. MacKay, F. Vivaldi, and M. Universal Behaviour of Area-Preserving Maps - Dynamical Systems Web Site.

Dynamical Systems, American Mathematical Society Garrett Birkhoff and G-C. Rota, Ordinary Differential Equations, 4th Ed Andronov and C. Theory of Oscillations, Princeton University Press Francis J.

Murray and Kenneth S. Ilyashenko and S. Ordinary Differential Equations Fred Brauer and John A. Earl A. Ordinary Differential Equations, third edition Verlag Lectures on Ordinary Differential Equations Hubbard and B. Differential Equations: a Dynamical Systems Approach Hale and H. Dynamics and Bifurcations Verlag Hirsch, S. Smale, and R. Blanchard, R. Devaney, and G. Differential Equations: Geometrical Theory, 2nd Edition Differential Dynamical Systems Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems, third edition, Non-linear Oscillations Press, Oxford Stability Theory of Differential Equations Methods of Nonlinear Analysis, Vols.

Guckenheimer and P. Guckenheimer, J. Moser, and S. Dynamical Systems: C. Rand and D. Thompson and H. CRC Pr.. Existence, Uniqueness, Differentiability, and Analyticity Theorems. Chow and J. Methods of Bifurcation Theory Verlag Agarwal and V. Smooth Dynamical Systems Press Nemytskii and V. Equations, M. Piccinini, G. Stampacchia, and G. Solution for Monomial Hamiltonian. Monomial factorization of symplectic maps - Gjaja, I.

Comment on the exact evaluation of symplectic maps preprint Kovacic and M. Barger and M. Our Figures 1. However, we found somewhat different numerical results. For our calculations we used a 10th order Adams integrator started with 6th order Runge Kutta. Integrations were performed for several different step sizes in both double and quadruple 64 and bit precision to assure satisfactory convergence.

See Chapter 2. Gas Evolution Oscillators Diffusion und Drift 8. Ambipolare Diffusion, Diffusionsmoden 9. Messung von Beweglichkeit und Diffusionskoeffizient in Schwarmexperiemten Driftmessungen mit positiv geladenen Ionen Driftmessungen an negativ geladenen Ionen Rekombination Ionisierungsprozesse im Gasraum Ionisierungskoeffizienten Literaturverzeichnis Ostrowsky, Nicole Part One: From Oder Arnold, V. I Kozlov, V. Neishtadt, A. Basic Principles of Classical Mechanics Chapter 2. The n-body Problem Chapter 3.

Integrable Systems and Integration Methods Chapter 5. Perturbation theory for Integrable Systems Chapter 6. Nonintegrable Systems Chapter 7.

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Theory of Small Oscillations. Foreword Chapter 1. Critical Points of Functions Chapter 2.

ENGR Advanced Engineering Mathematics

Monodromy Groups of Critical Points Chapter 3. Basic Properties of Maps Chapter 4. The Global Theory of Singularities. Novikov, S. Various Aspects of Memory 2. Pattern Mathematics 3.

Chaotic And Fractal Dynamics. Introduction For Applied Scientists And Engineers

Classical Learing Systems 4. A New Approach to Adaptive Filters 5. Self-Organizing Feature Maps 6. Optimal Associative Mappings 7.