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MATH - Stochastic Processes - /19 | CUHK Mathematics

Syllabus - What you will learn from this course. Video 12 videos. Welcome 1m. Week 1. Types of stochastic functions. Counting process 7m. Calculation of an expectation of a counting process-1 7m. Calculation of an expectation of a counting process-2 6m. Calculation of an expectation of a counting process-3 8m. Reading 1 reading.

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Quiz-1 answers and solutions 10m. Quiz 1 practice exercise. Video 17 videos. Week 2.

Stochastic process

Exact forms of the distributions of the renewal process and the counting process-1 7m. Exact forms of the distributions of the renewal process and the counting process-2 3m. Exact forms of the distributions of the renewal process and the counting process-3 4m. Exact forms of the distributions of the renewal process and the counting process-4 4m. Quiz-2 answers and solutions 10m.

MATH4240 - Stochastic Processes - 2018/19

Video 7 videos. Week 3. Some examples 17m. Transition matrix. Chapman-Kolmogorov equation 11m. Classification of states-1 10m. Classification of states-2 4m. Classification of states-3 7m. Ergodic theorem-1 6m. Ergodic theorem-2 15m. Quiz-3 answers and solutions 10m. Markov Chains 12m.

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  5. Video 8 videos. Comments Off on Covariance of a Branching Process. Posted in Branching Processes. Comments Off on Basic Branching Process. Comments Off on Geometric Branching Process. Two competing companies are trying to buy up all the farms in a certain area to build houses.

    (SP 3.1) Stochastic Processes - Definition and Notation

    Neither company ever sells any of the farms that they own. Eventually all of the farms will be sold. Comments Off on Selling the Farm. A university computer room has 30 terminals. Assuming that the fates of the various terminals are independent, in the long run what is the distribution of the number of terminals that are broken? Comments Off on Computers on the Blink. In each of the graphs pictured, assume that each arrow leaving a vertex has a equal chance of being followed. Comments Off on Basic Markov Chains.

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